Do this INSTEAD of your cardio workout today

kate v fat loss accelerators

Got a “cardio” day planned? Do this hybrid DB metabolic complex workout from my friend Kate instead:

=> Hybrid DB Metabolic Complex Workout


If you have been a subscriber to our email newsletter or reading the FVT blog for any length of time you have likely heard me mention Kate’s name frequently.

She is a trainer who works with high profile clients in Manhattan. Folks she trains typically 1) are paying her TOP dollar to get results and 2) don’t have extra time to waste. They need effective and efficient workouts. So Kate is one of my go-to sources of info for this style of training.

In the workout she’s shared with us today, you’ll train your entire body, elicit a physiological response similar to that of interval training, and get BETTER results. Very cool. Check it out here:

=> Hybrid DB Metabolic Complex Workout


Enjoy that workout, and let me know how ‘ya do –

– Forest

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