June 2014 Challenge Workout

RFLC 3.22.14 014

Killer challenge workout for you this month to test your conditioning and all-around fitness.

Remember – these challenges are to be done only PERIODICALLY, as a way to see if your fitness level is improving. They are not intended as a stand-alone program, or as workouts you would do several times each week, etc. We do them once per month at the FVT studio, and then come back and re-visit the same challenge every three months to see how we’ve improved.

Let’s get started –

June 2014 FVT Challenge Workout

— 100 kettlebell swings (16k for women, 24k for men)
— 50 burpees (touch body to the floor on each rep)
— 100 push ups (knees for women, toes for men)
— 50 inverted rows (body should be parallel to the floor; body touches bar/etc. at top of each rep)
— 100 walking lunges (tap knee to the floor at the bottom of each rep; ea step counts as one)


– weights listed are “prescribed” and what you want to eventually work up to using … BUT use good judgement and safety when selecting a weight for YOUR own fitness and ability level
– exercises can be done in ANY order you want (do NOT have to do reps consecutively)
– 25 min time limit
– under 23 mins is awesome
– under 20 mins is the “gold” standard

Enjoy! And let us know how ‘ya do!! Results will be posted at the end of the week.

– The FVT Team

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