Wrists Hurt When Working Out? Try This –

When it comes to training with weights, whether you are doing it simply to look great, to help you perform better in sports, or if it is just your way to stay healthy, the wrists are going to play an important role.

The reality is, the wrists are involved in ALMOST ALL of the exercises we do in the gym.

The wrists are a major factor in any kind of exercise where we are pulling, such as Deadlifts, Rows, Pull-ups, Chins, Curls and Pull-downs.

The wrists are involved in exercises where we must push, such as Bench Press, Shoulder Press, and Tricep work.

And even if you don’t use weights, the wrists are important to bodyweight supporting lifts like Dips, Push-ups, Burpees, and Hand Stands.

Even in exercises such as Squats, where the barbell rests on your upper back, the wrists are still important to help keep the bar right where it needs to be.

In any of these lifts, if your wrists are sore, you are going to feel it, BIG TIME.

When your wrists are bothering you the weights you lift will be lower and the number of reps you do will be reduced.

All of these things limit the results you get from your training and keep you from accomplishing your goals.

SO, I asked my friend, Rick Kaselj, who is an injury and pain expert, if he had any exercises that my clients can do to relieve the wrist pain.

Rick shared the simple (but powerful) exercise below. Give the exercise a go, and let me know how it works for you.

– Forest


Wrists Hurt When Working Out? Try This –
by Rick Kaselj, author, Fix My Wrist Pain


I wanted to show you a really easy exercise that will decrease the stress on your wrist and decrease the pain you have in your wrists when working out.

All you need is a wall.

This is how you do it:

1) Face the wall sideways so the wrist that you have an issue with is closest to the wall. Lets say it is your right wrist, therefore the wall is closest to your right shoulder.

2) Then lift your right arm so it is just below shoulder height and place your hand so it is flat on the wall and your fingers are pointing to the sky.

3) You should feel a light stretch from the palm, wrist, forearm, biceps and shoulder.

4) Hold this light stretch for 30 seconds to 2 two minutes. If you feel any nerve pain, stop the stretch.

5) If this is too easy, you can rotate the arm back so your fingers are pointing behind you and then place the hand flat on the walk and have the arm just below shoulder height. (Remember, you are looking for a light stretch.)

If this exercise helped you, and would like even better results when it comes to your wrist pain, then check out Fix My Wrist Pain.

Rick Kaselj, MS
Creator of Fix My Wrist Pain


Thanks again for sharing Rick! This is a simple but powerful drill you can do right now to start helping your wrist pain when working out.

Also – if you found this helpful – Rick, along with grip sport competitor and performing strong man Jedd Johnson, have put together a comprehensive program to help with your wrist pain, called Fix My Wrist Pain:

FMWP goes through:

— rehab techniques for wrist pain
— rehab exercises for wrist pain
— preventive measures for avoiding wrist pain and injuries
— pain free workouts with special exercise work-arounds

And MUCH more. The program is on sale through the end of the weekend, so if you’re interested, click HERE for all the details and to grab a copy now.

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