FVT Nutrition Workshop 9.27.14

We officially started the FVT Back to School 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge yesterday. Exciting times, and lots of fun at the kick-off boot camp.

30 days from now, we’ll be dozens, likely hundreds of pounds lighter as a group – and that much closer to our ultimate fitness goals!

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As a:

— Added FREE bonus for folks who are participating in the challenge
— Added FREE bonus for folks who are involved in our Nutrition Coaching program
— Learning event for ANYONE who wants to learn more about nutrition

We’ve decided to hold a Nutrition Workshop at the FVT Studio on the 27th of Sept at 11am.

Our topic for the day will be on the Top 10 Diet – Busting Mistakes:

1 – Too many processed carbs
2 – Too much alcohol
3 – Too many sweets
4 ­ – Not drinking enough water
5 ­ – Not enough protein
6 ­ – Not enough fruits and/or veggies
7 ­ – Giving in to cravings
8 ­ – Skipping meals
9 ­ – Relying on processed foods
10 ­ – Too much sugar

And specific strategies to help you FIX them … so you can FINALLY lose fat, gain lean muscle and get the body you’ve always wanted!

Again, this special one hour workshop is free for folks who are currently taking our 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge, as well as for our FVT Nutrition Coaching members.

(If that’s you, shoot me a message as soon as you can to let me know if you’d like to attend, and I’ll save you a spot.)

For everyone else – current / inactive FVT clients, readers of our newsletter, blog, or Facebook Fan page, YOUR friends, family, and/or co – workers, it’s 10 bucks.

=> To reserve your spot at the September 27th FVT Nutrition Workshop @ 11am, click here

We are making this SUPER affordable because, well, we know nutrition is SUCH an important part of the fitness equation, and we want to help as many people as we possibly can in the Sacramento area lose fat, build muscle, and live the BEST version of themselves!

=> To reserve your spot at the September 27th FVT Nutrition Workshop @ 11am, click HERE

Thanks –

Forest Vance
Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

PS – Questions about the Nutrition Workshop? Shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to answer them!

PPS – Current FVT clients – we kicked off the NEW 7am Tues / Thurs boot camp today! Schedule is up and available for the next two weeks, hop on and sign up now.

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