3 Tips to Crush Your Next Mud Run

It’s a common problem for the aspiring (or even experienced) mud runner.

For whatever crazy reason, they sign up for a mud run. They’re pumped and excited and tell all their friends/co-workers/etc. But soon enough, reality sets in … and they realize they’re actually going to have to TRAIN for it!

They realize that they’ve never done anything exactly like this. That one of these events requires a unique blend of endurance, functional strength, and mental toughness to complete successfully. And that they need a great plan to get them ready for race day!

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These events are crazy – that’s for sure. But the good news is that preparing ahead of time, both mentally and physically, can help make sure you’re READY come race day.


3 Tips to Crush Your Next Mud Run

1. Practice Carrying Odd Objects

During your event you may have to carry different objects like heavy logs, or even people if there is a partner carry obstacle. A simple and helpful way to prepare for this is by doing an overhead walk. You can use a kettlebell or a dumbbell, just pick a heavy weight that you are able to press overhead. Start by pressing the weight overhead and locking your elbows out. Biceps should stay even with your ears as you practice walking around the room with your weight locked out over your head.

Another exercise you can try is the farmer’s walk. Again you can use kettlebells or dumbbells but the weight should be a little heavier for this one. You’ll be holding a weight in each hand and keeping your arms down by your side. Practice walking for distance with this one, walk around the room several times or around the house or building.

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2. Do Lots Of Pull Ups

Upper body strength and upper body pulling strength in particular is very helpful in these mud run events. For example if you’re scaling walls, you’re going to need upper body strength and pull ups help with this, especially practicing tactical type pull ups. Tactical pull ups are where you use a thumbless grip with lots of ab activation and use strict form.

Pull ups also help strengthen your grip which you’ll need for obstacles such as monkey bars and rings. If you can’t do a pull up initially, there’s several ways you can work up to it. You can start by doing body rows, partner assisted pull ups, or using resistance bands to boost yourself up.

3. Train For The Elements

If you do all of your workouts inside the comforts of a gym, you won’t be prepared for adverse weather conditions come event day. So as mentioned before, train in the water, train outside in the heat and the cold, run in the rain, etc. Try to forecast what the conditions might be like based on the time of year and location where you’re doing your mud run and try to train in those conditions if possible.

Also, think about what the terrain might be like. If there will be hills, train for them. If you live in a flat area, set the treadmill on a steep incline at the gym.

If there will be rocky conditions, it’s important to train in that type of terrain versus only doing road running.


To sum up, prepping for your upcoming mud run should be taken very seriously … it’s a tough event that you need a unique combo of endurance, functional strength and mental toughness to complete successfully. I hope these tips are a great starting point to get you ready for your upcoming race!!

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Thanks, and talk soon –

Forest Vance, MS, CPT, FNC, RKC II

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