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Forest Vance here from and FVT Boot Camp in Sacramento, CA –

I have a simple – but HIGHLY effective – tip to share with you today that will help you improve your form on the kettlebell swing.

One of the most common problems with the swing that we see is folks having trouble with what we call the hip hinging pattern.

What people end up doing instead, is something that resembles a squat and then a front raise with the KB … which is NOT the correct way to do the exercise.

So a great way to practice that hip hinging movement, and do it in sort of a natural way, is to do a couple of vertical jumps right before you do your swings.

The movement pattern, and what’s happening with the lower body, is going to be very similar to what happens during a swing.

The other benefit is that the vertical jump drill is going to get you really close to where you want to be in terms of proper foot stance for the exercise.

And there is a simple, but VERY effective, drill to help you improve your form on the kettlebell swing.

Try it before your next swing workout, and see the benefits right away!


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