Free Meal Planning Guide – How to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days

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The other day, we put up a blog post on the concept that you can’t “out-exercise” a bad diet.

If you missed that post, you might want to go back and check it out HERE – to sort of pre-frame today’s topic.

I wanted to follow up with a piece on an actual sample meal plan that you can follow – this is more of the actual information, last time was a bit more of the motivation.

This plan is pretty much what we will be doing in the 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge we have coming up at the studio very soon.

But I thought that I would post the whole outline of the meal plan, so that you can benefit from it and start seeing results, whether you sign up for the challenge or not.

Let’s dive right in!


Free Meal Planning Guide – How to Lose 10 Pounds in 30 Days (FVT 30 Day Performance Nutrition Challenge Meal Planning Guide)

The rules of the Challenge are simple. If you follow the meal planning guidelines outlined below for a full day, you get one point. If you do NOT follow the guidelines, you get zero points. You need 27 points to complete the Challenge.

This is a simple, VERY do-able meal plan plan … for the 30 days of the Challenge AND beyond!

The FVT 30 Day Performance Nutrition Challenge Meal Planning Guide

DO eat:

– lean proteins like beef, chicken, pork, and eggs
– lots of vegetables
– some fruit
– nuts and seeds
– healthy fats

Do NOT eat:

– Refined carbohydrates – bread

pasta, cereal, etc
– Processed foods
– Refined sugars
– Liquid calories (fruit juice, soda, and alchol) (you CAN have an optional glass of red wine in the evenings) (you can also have a cup of coffee or two in the morning)

Additional Considerations:

– For the purposes of this challenge, we are going to eliminate dairy. You can re-introduce it at the end if you can tollerate it … but you might be shocked at how great you feel after you cut it out for 30 days! Have a teaspoon or two with your coffee in the morning if you must, but no more.

– Same goes for grains. No bread, pasta, cereal, etc. You can re-introduce it at the end if you can tollerate it … but you might be shocked at how great you feel after you cut it out for 30 days!

– You CAN have legumes … taking out grains and other carbohydrates you are likely eating a lot of now, can make it tough to get ENOUGH calories … so adding legumes is a fine way to add some “bulk” to your diet.

More details:

– Log your food every day using MyFitnessPal. Shoot for about 10 calories per pound of body weight per day to start, and adjust up or down as needed as you go.

(Example – 150 person would eat 1500 calories per day to start.)

– Shoot for a mix of about 40% carbohydrate, 30% protein and 30% fat. A simple way to do this is think about building each meal with 1) a protein 2) a carbohydrate (veggie or fruit) and 3) a healthy fat.

– Keep it simple. Plan out your days / weeks ahead of time, and eat the same meals most of the time.

– Eat four to five times per day – whatever fits your schedule and total calorie target best.

– Drink half of your body weight in oz of water per day. (Example – 150 pound person would drink 75 oz of water each day.)



There you go.

That’s the plan we used at the last Rapid Fat Loss Challenge, where the top three finishers all lost over 15 pounds, and the AVERAGE participant lost 7.6.

It’s also the plan that I personally used to get to my lowest body fat percentage EVER, in preparation for a photo shoot last year.

Again – you can follow this plan to get great results on your own. You have all the info you need in this post. You just need the willpower to make it happen!

Or, if you want some accountability, group motivation, and even some incentive to win cash prizes if you lose the most weight in 30 days … you might consider participating in our upcoming 30 Day Rapid Fat Loss Challenge.

More details on registration opening very soon 🙂

Hope your 2016 is off to a great start, and have a great day!

– Forest Vance
Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

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