Restorative Yoga Wednesdays @ 6pm



We are so excited to be starting our 6pm Wednesday night yoga classes back up again tomorrow night!

As a reminder – you can sign up for these classes in the mindbody system as you would for any other workout. The cost is $15 per single session, or $60 if you’d like to prepay for 5 classes at a time – cash or check only.

Here’s another message from FVT yoga instructor Becky Jensen about the healing power of restorative yoga. Check it out below:


The Healing Power of Restorative Yoga
by Becky Jensen, RYT 200

Top fitness experts are heralding the benefits of adding a period of restoration to your fitness schedule. Rest after workouts, is where the work you did in the gym sinks in.

One great way to do this, as well as to expand your awareness of self and body, is with the practice of restorative yoga. You will come to cultivate a deeper understanding of your body as we guide you through gentle poses tailored to work in tandem with your heavy duty bootcamp fitness routine.

Restorative yoga, or yin yoga, is practiced in a quiet setting, involving no flow, limited movement, and centers on a few poses per class held for longer lengths of time, usually in low lunge, supine, sitting, or prone positions.

We turn inward, we focus on our breath, we explore beginning mediation and mindfulness.

You need no prior yoga experience to start this practice!

In our hour together, we RELAX while the muscles let go and the connective tissues of the body slowly lengthen. These long poses not only train us to learn to quiet the mind, but as we create space in the mind we also create lasting benefits of this practice such as greater range of motion, increased flexibility in less time, and time to reset the body back into its natural parasympathetic rhythms (as opposed to the all-day fight or flight stress response we can find ourselves in).

Classes are $15 each or $60 for 5.

Sign up today!

– FVT Team


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