Dragon Pose – the Antidote for Prolonged Sitting?

We are SO excited to be continuing our 6pm Wednesday night yoga classes at FVT.

Today we have a short article from our instructor Becky on how to do the Dragon pose – a GREAT move, called by some the “antidote” for prolonged sitting, and also the perfect compliment for all the hard training we do at FVT.



In a training schedule filled with squats, kettlebell swings and burpees, we can start to notice how stiffness in the hips and the back of the legs can get in the way of our progress in these movements. With restorative/ yin yoga at FVT, we target these areas in particular with poses that start to open the hip flexors and the hamstrings, groin, quads and glutes, supercharging those areas for bootcamp!

One pose in particular that you can try at home in preparation for FVT’s restorative/ yin yoga class is the Dragon pose. This is a deep hip and groin opener that gets right into the joint and stretches the back leg hip flexors and quadriceps. It can even help with sciatica!


Getting Into the Pose:

— Begin either on hands and knees or in Down Dog.

— Step one foot between the hands.

— Walk the front foot forward until the knee is right above the heel.

— Slide the back knee backward as far as you can.

— Keep the hands on either side of the front foot.

Alternatives & Options:

— If the back knee is uncomfortable, place a blanket under it, rest the shin on a bolster, or tuck the toes under and lift the leg off the floor.

— If the ankle is uncomfortable, place a blanket underneath or raise the knee by putting a bolster under the shin.

— Stay here for 2-5 minutes each leg, start slow, working up in minutes over time.

— No rush! Yoga is not a competition… Even with yourself! Be ok with where you are at!

Coming Out of the Pose:

— Move your hands to Down Dog position, move the back knee forward a bit, tuck the back toes under, and with a nice groan, step back to Down Dog.

In our restorative/ yin yoga class at FVT, we will learn this dragon pose and all of its numerous variations that get deep into those joints that need this TLC so badly… and more!

Sweat, recharge, repeat
Wednesdays 6pm @ FVT

– Becky Jensen, RYT 200

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