3 Tips to Dominate Your Upcoming Obstacle Course Race


Since we are gearing up for another FVT Obstacle Course Race training program, we thought we’d share some tips to help you be at your best for your upcoming race.

Let’s get right into it –


3 Tips to Dominate Your Upcoming Obstacle Course Race

1- Do Interval Training

This is an event where you’re not going to be sustaining the same pace for an extended period of time. For example you might be going fast, then you’ll do an obstacle, then you might be walking through mud, then running fast again. The point is that your intensity is going to vary. The best way to train for this is doing interval training. Interval training is basically alternating the intensity levels during a workout.

A very simple way to do interval training is to go for a 20-25 minute run. Start with your 5 minute warm up. Most people listen to music while running so for the length of the first song pick up the pace a little. Then for the next song slow down to a slow jog. Alternate back and forth for the duration of your run then do a 5 minute cool down and you have a very basic but effective interval workout.

2- Practice Carrying Objects

During your event you may have to carry different objects like heavy logs, or even people if there is a partner carry obstacle. A simple and helpful way to prepare for this is by doing an overhead walk. You can use a kettlebell or a dumbbell, just pick a heavy weight that you are able to press overhead. Start by pressing the weight overhead and locking your elbows out. Biceps should stay even with your ears as you practice walking around the room with your weight locked out over your head.

Another exercise you can try is the farmer’s walk. Again you can use kettlebells or dumbbells but the weight should be a little heavier for this one. You’ll be holding a weight in each hand and keeping your arms down by your side. Practice walking for distance with this one, walk around the room several times or around the house or building.

3- Run

Mud runs these days range anywhere from three miles to over ten miles. So your running should certainly be specific to the event you’re training for. Just make sure you’re conditioning yourself and working up to longer runs with some type of program. Don’t just show up on race day and expect to run 10 miles if you haven’t been training. Even though the events are broken up with obstacles and it’s not usually continuous running, your body still needs to be conditioned to the impact and the distance.


We recently opened registration for another obstacle course race training program.

The event we will be prepping for is on Sunday, November 13th, and is in the Sacramento area.

It is 3-5 miles and includes 20-23 obstacles, such as:

– climbing over walls
– carrying sandbags / buckets of rocks / etc up hills
– crawling in the mud and under barbed wire
– swinging from monkey bars

We will be training together for it as a team as well.

The training will be held on 8 consecutive Tuesday nights at 6 pm, starting on September 27th.

The workouts themselves will be a step up from our regular boot camps in terms of intensity etc – and will be 60 minutes instead of the standard 45.

We will focus specifically on preparing for the event – running outside, working on our pull ups and upper body strength, and doing specific drills to prep us for race day.

We will also get special T shirts made for everyone who participates in the training.

And we are also going to throw in a free copy of my “20 Tips to Crush your Next Mud Run” report – tips and tricks to make sure you are prepared to survive – and THRIVE! – on race day.

If you are ready to sign up and make it happen, you can do so starting now at the link below – the cost for the training is a single payment of $159 or two payments (spaced 30 days apart) of $87.

(one payment of $159) http://nanacast.com/vp/10003669/

(two pay option) http://nanacast.com/vp/10003671/

We hope you can join us as we get ready to crush out next obstacle course race!

– The FVT Team

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