7 Tips for Better Burpees + Obstacle Course Registration Closing Soon

Our Spartan Training Program kicks off next Tuesday at 6pm!

(Details and register here if you want to grab one of the last few remaining spots => https://www.forestvancetraining.com/2016/08/fvt-obstacle-course-race-training-program-sign-up-starting-now.html)

One of the things you end up doing a LOT of in these races is burpees.

And we also do a lot of burpees at FVT Boot Camp.

So that’s why we thought it would be helpful and good timing to share seven tips to improve your burpees:


7 Tips for Better Burpees

1 – Keep your hips up HIGH when coming up from burpee, not in squat position.

2 – Warm up hamstrings before; inchworm into up/down dog stretch. This will increase flexibility in those tight muscles to improve burpee efficiency (also can prevent lower back strain).

3 – Widen stance, if muscles are still tight to help too.

4 – Make sure your chest + thighs are hitting the floor each rep.

5 – Get a full body extension at the top (the clap will help if you reach up to clap).

6 – Land flat on your feet (this will happen more easily when you have your hips up high).

7 – Position your hands between your knees (not outside of them) to avoid slamming your knees on the ground. This will also keep your arms close to your body to reduce risk of straining your shoulders during the push up.


Hope those burpee tips help.

Try ’em at your next work, and see if they help!

Train hard, talk soon –

– The FVT Team

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