Lizard Pose for Better Hip Mobility

An area of the body many people find tightness in is the hips.

The Lizard Pose is a great one to help!

Here is a demonstration of the Lizard Pose – along with some options to modify, to make it accessible for everyone:

This is one of the poses you might be see being done at one of our Restorative Yoga sessions, Wednesday nights at 6pm.

Here’s how FVT yoga instructor Becky Jensen explains the class:

“In our hour together, we RELAX while the muscles let go and the connective tissues of the body slowly lengthen. These long poses not only train us to learn to quiet the mind, but as we create space in the mind we also create lasting benefits of this practice such as greater range of motion, increased flexibility in less time, and time to reset the body back into its natural parasympathetic rhythms (as opposed to the all-day fight or flight stress response we can find ourselves in).”

Classes are $15 each or $60 for 5.

Sign up today!

– FVT Team

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