April 2017 Challenge Workout

It’s time for another FVT Challenge Workout!

It’s an opportunity to push yourself more than a usual boot camp, and is a great way to measure your improvement.

This month, we have our Band Challenge Workout – check it out:


2017 FVT Band Challenge

** Complete ALL the “tests” at the grey band level and earn a grey FVT band! (if the workout is done at a boot camp at our facility)
** Complete ALL the “tests” at the black band level and earn a black FVT band! (if the workout is done at a boot camp at our facility)

1 — KB swings – 16k for women, 24k for men

Clcok will be set for 30 second intervals. On each interval, 10 swings will be performed. Rest period is the time between the 10 swings are finished and when the next 30 second interval starts. Repeat for a total of 10 rounds.

10 sets of two hand swings with prescribed weight listed above = grey band
5 sets on each side of one hand swings (alternating hands each set) with prescribed weight listed above = black band

2 — Push ups – knees for women, toes for men

Elbows and upper arm BREAK parallel, no exceptions … body stays in a totally straight line, no hip sag or “A frame” … no adjusting the knees, hands or feet during the test.

Body cannot touch the floor at the bottom of a rep; cannot lock out and rest at the top.

15 for grey
30 for black

3 — Pull ups

Any grip (pull up or chin up)

women – 15 sec hold over bar = grey, 1 rep = black
men – 1 rep = grey, 5 reps = black

4 — Burpees

Thighs and torso much touch the ground at the bottom of the movement. Full extension of the body – knees, hips, and upper body – as well as a jump and clap of the hands over head – must be completed at the top of each rep.

15 in one minute = grey
20 in one minute = black

2nd degree black band qualification

Individuals who successfully complete the black band will get the opportunity to qualify for a 2nd degree black band.

To get the 2nd degree black band, one rep of a strict overhead kettlebell press must be performed with an 18k (women) or 32k (men) kettlebell on each arm.

The kettlebell must be cleaned to the shoulder with one hand in smooth motion.

The kettlebell must come to a complete stop at the shoulder.

The hand of the pressing kettlebell must start under the chin.

There will be no bending of the knees or leaning to the side as the kettlebell is pressed overhead.

The kettlebell must come to a complete and controlled stop at the top of the movement.

The kettlebell must be lowered to the ground in a controlled fashion.


There you have it! Another monthly challenge workout down. If you have done this Band Challenge before, try it again and see if you’ve improved. Great work to everyone who took the challenge this month!

– The FVT Team

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