Exciting News! – FVT Challenge Workout Changes

Exciting news!

We are now going to start doing our Challenge Workouts on two random, secret days of the month.

We do these workouts to help you continue to get better, and have multiple ways to measure the progress you’re making towards your fitness goals.

And for years, we have done our monthly Challenge Workout on the first two days of the first week of the month.

But, we are always trying to improve the way we do things, because it’s all about getting YOU the best results. So that’s why we’re making the switch.

Just a few great reasons why:

– You won’t end up doing a Challenge workout on consecutive days, if you come on Monday and Tuesday
– Folks who don’t normally come on Monday or Tuesday will get a chance to participate
– The randomness and surprise element will keep you on your toes, and ready to rock at all times!

FYI- here is the workout you’ll be doing this month, on two random days:


Stay ready! –

– The FVT Team

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