1776 Rep Bodyweight Boot Camp Buddy Workout

Happy 4th of July from the FVT Team!

You’ve probably got all kinds of plans …

But did you remember to schedule a workout?

Before the fun begins, burn some major calories and stoke your metabolism for the rest of the day with this epic 1776 Rep Bodyweight Boot Camp Buddy Workout!


1776 Rep Bodyweight Boot Camp Buddy Workout

*BETWEEN THE TWO OF YOU – in any combination / order you want – complete 8 rounds of the circuit below, as fast as possible

20 push up
20 alternating reverse lunge (10 per leg)
20 inverted row
20 bodyweight squat
10 burpee
20 mountain climber (10 per side)
20 box / bench step up (10 per leg)
20 hanging knee raise
20 split squat (10 per leg)
52 jumping jacks


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