Proper Tire Flip Technique (video) + OCR Group Reminder (4 spots left)

The tire flip is a great move for strength, conditioning, and power development.

It’s also one of the events in the Spartan Race.

But if you want to do it safely and effectively, you need to learn how to do it with proper technique.

See the video and breakdown below. We will also be working on this during our Spring FVT OCR Training (starts Monday, April 16th, 4 spots left, sign up here =>

To your success!

– Forest and the FVT Team


Proper Tire Flip Technique

Get set up about a foot away from the fire, with the feet outside the hips and the body pressed against the tire.

Drive with the legs to get the tire off the ground, take a half step, then give it a knee with the other leg.

If you get the tire off the ground, but struggle to complete the flip – stop for a second, re-grip, and get things going again.

The key is being AGRESSIVE – drive the tire off the floor, keep it in motion, and knee it at just the right time.

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