Starting today’s message with a confession

Starting today’s message with a confession:

For YEARS, I had one or two energy drinks per day, along with a cup or two of coffee, and many days, also a caffeine-laden pre-workout drink.

I know! – it’s SO bad as I write this, and really think about it.

I honestly got into the habit back in the early days of my fitness career when I would get up at 430 or 5 am to start working with clients, and then would be in training sessions on and off throughout the day, often ’till 7 or 8 pm.

I usually wouldn’t get enough sleep, so I started relying on caffiene to get me through.

Even though my typical schedule has since improved considerably, we now have two small children (ages 1 and 3), so I’m still not ususally getting a full night of sleep 🙂

But I kind of came to a realization one day, and started thinking … are all of these stimulants and chemicals and who knows whatever else is in these things I’m consuming, improving my health, or degrading it?

My guess is that they were doing more harm than good.

So I decided to cut them out!

I did a week of NO coffee or energy drinks or pre-workout mixes … the first day or two was REALLY hard … but now, the difference is amazing.

My energy is not up and down thru the day like it used to be, I no longer feel DEPENDENT on these things like I used to (which I HATED), and I’m sure I am also benefiting in the long term from not ingesting unknown chemicals on a regular basis.

On the other hand, I still desire an occasional energy boost, and to improve my workouts.

So here is what I do, and what I recommend if you are looking to cut back as well:

– Have a small cup or two of high-quality coffee each day. (SMALL is key here – it amazes me how Americans need everything HUGE – food portions, cars, and coffee! – 5 ounces of high-quality coffee is plenty)
– Go with an herbal pre-workout supplement, like this one: Lost Empire Herbs Hercules Pre-Workout Formula

Lost Empire Herbs Hercules Pre-Workout Formula includes several ingredients to both give you energy before your workout and assist in recovery. It is all herbal and all natural, so you know that you are not doing harm to your body. And you can trust in the high quality of the Lost Empire Herbs supplement line.

Lost Empire Herbs Hercules Pre-Workout Formula

To sum up, if you are highly depended on caffiene like I was, try taking a break, and/or trying the alternatives suggested in this article. I think you may be pleasantly surprised at the results!!

To your success! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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