Summer / Fall 2018 OCR Prep – Starts Mon Jul 23rd

Well, we’ve been on a couple of “recovery” weeks since the Spartan Super in early June …

… but now it’s almost time to get started again.

I am personally PUMPED to start this last round of OCR training for the year.

Summer / Fall 2018 OCR Prep – Starts Mon Jul 23rd

– This is for folks who have a base of fitness established, and want to take their workouts to the next level
– This program is geared towards prepping for the Sept 29 / 30 Spartan Super in Tahoe AND / OR the Nov 3 / 4 Spartan Sprint / Super in Sacramento
– We’ll start the training Monday, July 23rd … there are 10 training sessions in the main program and 4 in the Oct / Nov bonus ‘mini program’ (details below)
– We’ll do the training on Monday mornings at 6am, at our 1530 X Street location, and the workouts will go a full hour, 6am – 7am.
– I’ll write up a complete workout plan for the week for everyone doing the training, so we’ll meet and work out together as a group on Monday mornings, but then you’d have a complete plan to follow for the rest of the time as well.

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July 23rd
July 30th
August 6th
August 13th
August 20th
August 27th
Sept 4th (TUESDAY – re-scheduled for Labor Day weekend)
Sept 10th
Sept 17th
Sept 24th
Oct 1st – OFF (day after Spartan Beast)

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If you miss a training session, I’ll be posting the weekly workout plan online, so you’ll be able to complete the workout on your own. You can also make up the session at any one of our regularly scheduled boot camp times.

If you want to participate in the training ONLY, and have no plans of completing the actual event – that’s fine too! We have folks do this every year. As long as you’re 100% committed to giving the training your best and attending all the sessions you possibly can, it’s all good!

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Questions, just reply to this email and let me know.

Otherwise, see you Monday bright and early! 🙂



– Forest and the FVT Team

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