[video] Bruce Lee Core Workout

Bruce Lee was known for his incredible core.

You can see from his feats of strength – whether he was performing one-arm finger tip push ups, Dragon Flags, or knocking out an opponent with his famous “one inch punch”.

But he understood that core training would be the key to overall strength, explosiveness, power, and mobility.

So today, we have Funk Roberts – trainer to many pro fighters and core training expert – taking you through what he calls his “Bruce Lee Workout” …

… try it today, and feel the difference!


Bruce Lee Core Workout
from the Funk Roberts Metabolic Madness Bundle

1. Hanging Frog/Flutter Kicks – 25 reps – Anti Flexion
2. Med Ball Twists – 50 reps – Rotation
3. Leg Raises – 30 reps – Anti Extension
4. Spring Ups – 50 reps – Abs Strength
5. Plank Build on Fingers – 30 reps – Core Stability
6. One Arm Farmers Walk – 60 seconds – Anti Lateral Flexion
7. One arm Plank – Anti Rotation 30 each arm

Watch the video here:

Bruce was ahead of his time with his core training principles.

It wasn’t just about sit ups or planks. He understood that you can train your core in different ways and different dimensions.

Today’s workout will do just this. And, paired with great nutrition, will help you get a set of abs that looks good, AND performs when it counts.

To your success! –

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Personal Trainer

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