October 2018 “Mini” OCR Training Program

We have been working hard, AND having a lot of fun over the last couple of months with our OCR training group!

We have been meeting early Monday mornings, on and off for most of the year. And in less than 2 weeks, we have our biggest race of the year in Lake Tahoe.

Wish us luck!

Now, after this race is over, we are taking a week off of the training, and then we are going to finish off the season with a shorter, fun race – in Sacramento on Sunday, November 4th. And we have four more weeks of workouts as a group planned leading up to that.

8 of the spots for this short, fun, 4 week “Mini” OCR Training program are already taken – but we have 4 open for anyone who wants to join.

This is a great chance to try it out, “dip your toe in the water”, and see how you like the training and / or doing an Obstacle Course Race event.

We will meet for 4 weeks – October 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th – at 6am.

We will meet at the Land Park / Downtown studio on 1530 X Street.

Workouts go for a full 60 minutes.

You also get a full training plan to do on your own for the duration of the program, so that you are dialed in and ready for race day.

Cost will be a one-time payment of $79 if you want to hop in on this special training.

If you want in, just reply to this message, we’ll go back and forth and make sure it’s a good fit, and I’ll shoot you the link to register.

Thanks, hope you can join us –

– Forest

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