Unconventional Pre-Workout Herbal Supplement

This week we have been talking about recovery as a part of optimum performance.

Today I want to shift gears a little and rap about your PRE – workout routine. This is another huge part of doing your best and getting the most results.

For me, the pre-workout routine includes hydration, nutrition, and supplementation.

A good pre-workout supplement can boost your performance BIG time. With more energy and focus, you can lift more weight, run faster, force more adaptation, and get in shape faster.

However, a lot of the popular pre-workout formulas out there have a ton of stimulants and chemicals, and are really not all that good for you.

But I have found a great alternative. It is called Hercules Pre-Workout Formula. Here is all what it includes:

Polyrhachis Ant Extract – this tonic herb from China has a great reputation for providing instant energy and being potent for bedroom performance health
Cistanche – this herb is sometimes called “cistanche in your pants” of “the stalk enlarger” as it is said to not only increase performance in the bed but even size. As discussed with top herbalists the yang energy needed for intercourse is the same as for working out. Thus, a top yang jing herb like cistanche is crucial for this blend.
Maral Root – although few people in the west are aware of this herb, it has a fairly extensive history in Russia and the surrounding areas
Rhodiola – has strong effects on the symptoms of stress-induced fatigue and thus recovery from both physical and mental work
Cordyceps – are considered a remedy for weakness and fatigue, and are used as an overall rejuvenator for increased energy
Shilajit – appears to work directly on the mitochondria in your cells, helping these powerhouses to produce more energy

Lost Empire Herbs is also an awesome, down-to-earth, family-owned (a friend of mine is the co-founder) company who puts out the highest quality product AND will treat you right with their great customer service.

Learn more about Hercules Pre-Workout Formula and order here

Take it 15 minutes before your next workout, and FEEL THE POWER!

– Forest

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