Burn 21 Calories Per Minute

According to research, this super-efficent workout burns up to 21 calories per minute.

That means a high-intensity, fast-paced 30 minute kettlebell swing session could burn more than 500 calories!

But a fair warning – proceed with caution.

Overdo it as a beginner, and you could get knocked on your you-know-what 🙂

Try our 14 Day Jump Start program, and we’ll teach you how to swing a kettlebell safely and effectively – and get some serious fat loss results.

You’ll get:

– 3 workouts per week – 6 total over 14 days – at one of our studio locations (1530 X Street OR 7485 Rush River Drive)
– Our 14 Day Rapid Shred meal plan – tells you exactly how, what, and when to eat for maximu results
– Body comp (weight, body fat) and the beginning and end of the 14 days (many new clients lose 3 to 5 pounds and jump start their results!)

Click the link below and sumbit your application now to apply:


Who knows, you might get hooked! 🙂

– Forest and the FVT Team

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