the Kettlebell Arm Bar

When folks are looking to improve their shoulder mobility AND / OR stability, one of the first exercises I recommend – in most cases – is the kettlebell arm bar.

It is great for:

– opening up the rib cage
– opening up the thorasic spine
– loosening up the pecs
– loosening up the fascial line between the pecs and the opposite hip
– keeping your shoulders feeling great!


1 – Start lying on the ground, with the KB at your side, at shoulder level, in what we call the “cradle” position. (Looks like you at the start of a Turkish get up)

2 – Pull the KB to the body, roll to the back, and extend the working arm to lock out. (Be sure to pack the shoulder back and down for stability!)

3 – Now, take the same leg as your working arm, and drive it over the top of your body. You’re going to drive that hip towards the ground, as well as bringing the working shoulder towards the ground.

Breath in and then exhale, driving the hip and shoulder towards the ground a little more each time. Do this three to five times progressively.

Incorporate the movement into your routine, and see the change you can create!

– Forest Vance
Master of Science, Human Movement
Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist

PS – For increased shoulder mobility / stability, I also recommend you check this out:

REGENERATE is a simple recovery program, designed specifically for lifters and athletes.

It is a combination of yoga poses, static stretches, core exercises and more combined into simple sequences that take 3 to 6 minutes to do, that require no special equipment.

Not to mention, they will also help you reduce chronic pain, improve mobility / flexibility, and feel amazing!

Simple recovery for lifters and athletes:

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