How I Finally Lost the Weight

The year was 2005.

Freshly “retired” from my football career, and finding myself quickly out of shape, I set out to lose 50+ pounds. 

And once I started on the journey, I quickly realized my diet was going to make or break my success.

Because once I started tracking things, I realized that to get into a consistent calorie deficit (which is what needed to happen to be able to consistently lose weight), my DIET was going to have by FAR the biggest impact on the fat loss piece of the puzzle.

And I realized where I was going wrong was in three big areas:

1 – PLANNING – When I first started out, I just kind of was “trying to eat healthy” – but didn’t have a specific plan that I was working with and sticking to. 

2 – SHOPPING – Another big mistake I was making was I wasn’t really getting all the food I needed to make healthy meals all week. So I’d shop on Sunday, run out of food on Wednesday, and then eat out and slap together meals with what I had for a few days – every week!

3 – PREPARING – I’d start the week with great intentions. But then I’d get busy, and end up not having healthy food available and prepared and ready to go, and I’d grab food out and do whatever to make it through ’till the next week – when I’d start all over again 🙂

It was when I realized all of this – and came up with some strategies for ALL THREE categories, to be able to execute them consistently – that I broke through, lost 60+ pounds in 7 months, and have kept it off since.

That’s why we’ve decided to put together the 10-4 Challenge!

It’s a 28 Day Challenge that takes everything I learned from this experience, and to help YOU focus, build great habits around healthy eating, and finally lose the weight too (specifically – 10 pounds in 4 weeks).

Details and sign up now at this link:

Look forward to working with you on this!

-Forest and the FVT Team

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