FVT Buddy Challenge

First off – THANKS to all who took the time to respond to the informal “survey” we put out earlier this week.

Perhaps the biggest re-curring theme we saw was this:

1 – People seem to be pretty happy overall with the workouts they are getting at FVT – the program itself, the vibe, the community, the support – everything!

2 – The REST of the time, OUTSIDE of their two, three, four weekly workouts – is what needs more work. Nutrition, extra cardio workouts, etc.

SO – we thought, what might be kind of fun for the summer – AND something that would seriously help folks with their goals! – is to run a Buddy Challenge.W

Here’s how it would work:

  • 21 day Challenge that keeps each person accountable to process goals (goals other than weight loss, fat loss, and muscle gain).
  • The process goals will help you to reach your larger outcome goal and learn to build new and better habits!
  • Each person sets three process goals (eg – log your food daily, go to bed at 10pm each night, etc)
  • You get several layers of accountability from your buddy AND from our coaching staff to stay on track and accomplish them (details to come)
  • Prize for winners (T-shirt)
  • We’d probably throw in an extra boot camp each week during the Challenge – to get you even more involved and enhance results
  • We’d do something fun as a group – BBQ, hike, etc – at the end to celebrate!

There would be some kind of cost to participate – to account for making the T shirts, running the extra training sessions, coaching, etc – but we’d do our best to keep it reasonable and fair.

We could even throw in an option for new/returning clients who wanted to participate.

Would you be interested?

Let us know!

If we have enough folks that want to do it, we’ll make it happen!

Cheers, have a great week –

-Forest and the FVT Team

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