How to Modify a Workout for Injury (sample inside)

I shared in an article yesterday about how I trained hard all year for the Spartan Ultra Beast in Lake Tahoe last weekend.

I completed about 10 miles, then tore my pec going over a wall, and was knocked out of the race.

It’s disappointing, but I am going to focus on staying positive, staying fit how I can, and coming back stronger in the future.

I thought as a follow up, I’d share what a workout might look like if you’re modifying it for / working around an injury.

Now obviously, different people are working with different limitations.

So this workout isn’t so much for you to actually do as written, but more as an example of how you most certainly can tweak a workout – with expert guidance – and still get a great session in.

A huge mistake I see people make is, they get injured, and they just STOP.

They do nothing.

They get in their head and figure all hope is lost. Or maybe it’s an excuse to do nothing. Or who knows what other reasons they have.

Bottom line is, I believe that in the majority of cases, that is a huge mistake.

Because most of the time, you CAN keep training. You just need to modify your workouts to work around the injured area, kind of like this:


Total Body Strength + Met-Con Workout
*modifed for injured left shoulder


bodyweight squats – 10
single-arm inverted rows – 10
box step ups – 5 per leg
single-arm push ups, high incline – 5

2 rounds, minimal rest


barbell RDL – 5
single-arm DB bench press – 10

3 rounds, rest 30 seconds between exercises and 60 seconds between rounds


box step ups – 10 per leg
single-arm KB clean and press – 5

3 rounds, rest 30 seconds between exercises and 60 seconds between rounds


intervals on stationary bike
:60 hard (8/10 intensity level)
:60 easy (4/10 intensity level)

do 8 rounds total


There you have a total body strength / metabolic conditioning workout, modified for an injured left shoulder.

Again – I wouldn’t suggest you necessarily do today’s workout exactly as written, unless you have the exact same injury and are in the exact same stage of recovery as I am – which is unlikely.

It’s more to show that, hey – you CAN and SHOULD work around injuries.

But be sure to do it in an intelligent and safe way.

If you need help with this, click here to contact us.

To your continued success! –

-Forest and the FVT Team

One thought on “How to Modify a Workout for Injury (sample inside)

  1. So first of all i just have to say im so impressed with all the articles and research and hard work to actually put forth tour time and energy to do the tasks needed to show with your own results to the world, that this change of eating and physical excercise put into motion does freakin work if you want it of course! And with that being said how do I get the best work out plan for myself started and in writting so i can see the goals needed in my journey to living that much better! I dont live in Sacramentoento I live in Nampa, Idaho but just joined the ymca couple weeks ago and have only made it 2x to work out for a hour time frame. Mostly cardio stuff no arms just leg press and lifts and bicycling. But havent got to weigh in again. well mostly because my birthday just pasted and havent ate right to my keto diet restrictions that is. So if u can be of much help and kind of give me some advice over there phone preferably to discuss my limitations and what not. Thanks again ???? hope to hear from you or your staff soon.

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