Meet LeAnne (FVT Remote Coaching Success Story)

LeAnne had been following my email newsletters and social media posts for a couple of months.

She wanted to get stronger, improve her nutrition, and overall health.

Only problem was, we lived many states apart!

But luckily, we had a solution: FVT Remote Coaching.

We were able to get LeAnne some amazing results, with her never even setting foot in either of our actual physcial studio locations.

(She did end up coming out to one of my in-person kettlebell workshops – but that wasn’t until we had worked together for about two years already in a distance coaching format.)

Check out this review LeAnne recently left on Facebook:

“I’ve been working with Forest for over a year and a half and couldn’t be happier to have such a knowledgeable trainer! Forest has kept me on my toes and has helped me make big gains in my strength, nutrition and overall health.

He is easy to communicate with and is honest with his feedback. Although we lived many states apart he has always been there for me. I have a deep love for kettlebell training, and he is the best I’ve found for online group and personal training!”

And here’s a pic of LeAnne doing a Turkish get up with a 40 pound kettlebell:

If you are out of the Sacramento area … or even if you are in the area, but just can’t make it in regularly due to schedule, time, or other reasons … we got you covered!

Two options:

1 – Join our upcoming 28 day 1000 Kettlebell Challenge. We’ll give you workouts to do each week on your own, you’ll get daily coaching and accountability from us, and much more. All for a SUPER affordable price. Details and sign up here.

2 – Leave me a message here to inquire about my VIP Remote Coaching program. This is where we will custom tailor a workout specifically for you and your exact goals, and work with you closely and personally to help you get there as fast as possible.

To your continued success!

-Forest and the FVT Team

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