“Getting Back Into It!” (new client first workout review)

You want to get started on your journey to become a fitter version of yourself in 2020.

And it all starts with your first workout.

But having worked with thousands and thousands of clients over the last 16 years, I realize that this is a big step.

The and good news is, it all gets easier if you just START.

We are friendly and welcoming, and will make you feel right at home in our community.

But sometimes, some encouraging words from another new client can make a big difference.

Check out what Jerry had to say after his first workout at FVT:

“I have been doing fitness/workouts nearly all my life.

Due to some medical issues and the medication, I have been on I have been out of it for a couple of years, and went downhill fast!

I attended my 1st class this morning and must say this is a workout like I’ve never had before, which is perfect. I got super burned out with my daily grind at the gym doing the same routine.

At the end of my 1st workout I felt like I’d been at the gym for a couple of hours. Great strength training and excellent cardio.”

-Jerry R, Pocket / Greenhaven Sacramento, CA

Contact us by clicking here now. Fill out the interest form. I’ll get back to you ASAP. We can schedule a time to chat, I can learn a bit more about your goals, give you more info on some possible options, and we’ll go from there to get started with the program that is the best fit. Let’s start working towards your fitness goals for 2020 today!

-Forest and the FVT Team

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