meet Jennifer ????????‍♀️

Jennifer came to us about this time last year, looking for help getting into shape!

She was doing some light exercise on her own, and didn’t feel she was overeating… but she had an extra 20 or so pounds she wanted to lose, and was frustrated, because that no matter what she tried, couldn’t seem to drop the weight.

Jen told us that she had many reservations before she started with FVT 🙂 For one, she was terrified that she wouldn’t know what to do… and she also didn’t want to go somewhere where everyone was in shape and was more advanced than her.

But starting with her first session, Jennifer was determined and ready to do what it took to get results. And because of how we structure our program and the small group size we maintain, she was able to hop right into our boot camp program, slowly work her intensity up as her fitness improved… and she hasn’t looked back!

Jen also said: “…things started falling in place when I actually started following Forest and Leanne’s advice, and made the lifestyle changes they recommended.”

Over the past 9 months, Jennifer has changed her lifestyle, mindset, and overall attitude. She has lost 24 pounds since she started with FVT, and is now working to gain some strength and lean muscle and take her fitness to the next level in 2020.

Great job Jennifer, we are so proud of your success!

-the FVT Team

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