Strength Training for Fat Loss: A Bigger Engine Burns More Fuel!

When it comes to fat loss, most people focus on two main things:

1 – Cardio
2 – Dieting

Strength training, however, is just as if not more important when it comes to your weight loss goals. Because the more muscle you have, the faster your metabolism runs, the more calories you burn at rest, and the faster you can shed the weight. And, if you are stronger, you will likely be able to work out more intensely and longer, which will also lead to greater calorie burn and fat loss.

Estimates suggest that every pound of muscle burns roughly 6 cal per day at rest. That’s about three times as many calories is a pound of fat, which burns roughly 2 cal per day. Add a few pounds of muscle, and this can really start to add up.

Another big benefit of adding muscle is that with increased strength, you will likely be able to work out longer and more intensely, which will also help you burn more calories. And if you can burn an extra 100, 200, 300 cal per workout, 3,4,5 times per week… that starts to add up too.

To sum up, if your goals include fat loss, don’t neglect strength training as an important part of the overall equation. When you get stronger and add muscle, you’ll burn more calories at rest, and you’ll also be able to work out harder and longer, which will help you lose fat and get to your goals faster.

-Forest and the FVT Team

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