50 Rep KB “Chipper” Workout

Thinking of giving our program a try?

Here is a sample kettlebell boot camp day to give you an idea of what a workout might be like:


Monday Kettlebell Workout: Chipper Strength #1

You will perform all the reps of each exercise before moving on to the next exercise. Rest as needed to maintain proper form. Record your time to track your progress.

1 – KB Goblet Squat – 50 (Women:16k+, Men: 20k+)
2 – Push-ups – Men:50, Women:30
3 – Single-Sided Jump Lunges – 50 (25/ea side)
4 – 1-Arm Push Press – 50 (25/ea side)(Women:12k+, Men: 20k+)
5 – Plank With Knee Tap – 50 (25/ea side)

FINISHER – Complete 5 rounds of the following two moves as fast as possible.

1 – Box Jumps -10 (note:stepping down is safer and preferred) Sub Jump Squats if no box – 10
2 – Power Step-ups -10/ea leg Sub High Knee Taps if no box -10/ea


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-the FVT Team

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