COVID-19 update from FVT – Tuesday, March 17th

COVID-19 update from FVT – Tuesday, March 17th

By order of the governor all California Gyms and Studios have been ordered to close through the state.

So, we are temporarily closing our physical locations today, March 17th at 12 noon through Sunday, April 5th.

We will re-evaluate as we get closer to the April 5th date on plans to re-open.

BUT, luckily, we have a plan to keep you going in these challenging and uncertain times. We are a community and we are your coaches, no matter if we are meeting at the studio or virtually or anywhere else. We want to be a postive force for you throughout, and get through this together.

We hope that you will consider at least trying this format for a short period of time. We count on your support as a small business. And we want to be around for you when things get better! 🙂

1 – Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, March 17th, we will be doing a home-based 21 Day Challenge.

This will include live streaming workouts (I still plan on doing one today as well at 12 noon – join the private clients-only FB group if you are a member here: to watch – I’ll also send out the video recording when it’s done)

We’ll also have a nutrition plan for you to follow, mental / postivity exercises, daily check-ins, and more. I’ll be working on this throughout today and the next couple of days, stay tuned.

2 – Private clients will be switched to our Elite Distance coaching program

This is our distance-based program that we regularly run. We give you customized workouts to follow, we check in via video on our sessions, you get daily accountability, and more. We’ll be rolling these details out to you guys individually.

We also encourage private clients to participate in the 21-day Challenge as well!

3 – We also plan on offering some outdoor workout options, as regulations and weather permits. Stay tuned for details in client-only communications.

Thank you for all the support through this, it means so much!

Let’s keep this going together in these tough times, talk to you very soon!!

-Forest and the FVT Team

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