Kettlebell “MRT” Circuit Workout

Got a kettlebell or two? Here is a workout you can complete any time, any place, in about 20 minutes.

We use the “MRT” concept in putting this one together. With this method, we pack more exercise into less time. So we’re doing “big muscle” movements like squatting, rows and presses (kettlebells are perfect for this). We’re doing mid-range rep counts (no more than 10), with minimal rest between sets (10 seconds works well). And we’re training at high levels of effort.

The end result? Your metabolism is fired up all day, while we build new levels of strength in the process.

The “circuit” format where you do a prescribed number of reps of an exercise before moving on to the next one, and repeating for the rest of your list of exercises, works great here.

Check it out:

  • KB Turkish get up – 1 rep per side
  • 1 arm KB swing – 7 reps per side
  • alternating KB goblet lunge – 7 per side
  • 1-5 pull ups OR 12 recline rows OR 12 1 arm KB rows per side
  • 5-10 burpees (do lower or higher reps, and modify as needed according to fitness level)

Do three (beginner) to five (advanced) rounds total.

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