muscle confusion lie

I have to get this off my chest.

Because it might be the #1 mistake people make when they are trying to build strength.

It’s not your fault, because you’ve been sold this lie by fitness marketers for the last decade.

But what I always see and hear about people doing, is constantly changing up their program and exercises, for the sake of “muscle confusion”, in hopes of making gains.

But if your goal is to press a bigger KB… or do more push ups… or do more pull ups… or up your deadlift…

The OPPOSITE of what you need is muscle confusion.

Simply put, if you want to get stronger, you must force your muscles to perform more work than they previously have.

It has to be in a systematic, planned, progressive, balanced, and specific way.

I don’t have time in today’s post to get into more details – much more info on the page below if you want to learn more:

And if your strength gains have stalled out, now you know why 🙂

Here’s to finally making GAINS this summer!

-Forest Vance

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