[pic] Lose 1-2 pounds per week… with foam rolling?

Do you know what a foam roll is?

It’s commonly used for what’s called self-myofacial release (SMR). It can help with muscle tightness, soreness, and even increase your range of motion.

But did you know that it can help you lose fat, too?

It’s true.

(Well, sort of.)

See, much of what prevents us from reaching our fat loss goals is habitual.

It’s using food to:

– Relieve stress
– Make ourselves “feel better” (comfort food)

And a LOT more.

So, one of the best ways we can break these habits, is to replace them with new, healthier ones.

This takes some self work – and it’s what we’ll be doing in our upcoming 28-day nutrition Challenge – but what we need to do is first, be totally honest with ourselves, and think about how we might be using food.

Let’s say for example that you realize you are snacking after dinner every night to kind of forget about the day and unwind while you watch TV.

You have to take a step back and think about 1) what you’re gaining out of that behavior, and 2) what sort of negative consequences might be coming out of it.

Then, once you decide that you want to change it, a great way to do that is to replace it with a different, healthier habit.

Foam rolling would be one example.

You could have a foam roll in your living room, and instead of sitting there snacking on chips or nuts or whatever else while you watch TV, foam roll instead for 5 or 10 minutes.

You’ll loosen up your muscles, increase your range of motion, and more.

I think you’ll be surprised when you actively change your focus, you can get your mind off those food cravings.

If you’re eating 500-1000 calories each night between snacks, drinks, etc… which is very possible… this one habit change could result in 1-2 pounds of fat loss per week.

Again, this is a little tiny taste of what we’re going to be working on in our upcoming 28-day nutrition Challenge. We start the 2nd week of August. If you want more info, reply to this message with the words “HEALTHY HABITS”, and I’ll get you all the info.

That’s it for today… have a great one, and here’s to new, healthy habits for the rest of 2020 and beyond! –

– Forest and the FVT Team

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