the “Holiday Hold ’em” Plan

Happy Monday!!

I just back from a trip to Louisville, Kentucky.

I was there for a mastermind meeting with my business coach and some other industry colleagues. I am a big believer in coaching! Just like I coach men and women over 40 to get strong and lean with kettlebells, I have coaches in fitness, business, and other areas of life to help me be the best that I can.

On my trip, I also had some hot chicken for lunch one day that was the BOMB:

I’m not used to eating like this, so I felt pretty sick after eating it for a while, lol… BUT, it was so tasty, that I have to say in this particular case, it was worth it!! ????

The epic hot chicken meal got me to thinking: The Holiday season is right around the corner, and the vast majority of us might be consuming a few extra calories here or there.

BUT, the LAST thing we want to do is go BACKWARDS on our fitness goals over the next two months.

So what we can do?

One thing is to allow yourself some leeway in eating things like hot chicken, or whatever else you want to enjoy. You CAN eat these kind of meals once you truly understand how they fit into your dietary “big picture”!

The other thing is to stay on track with your training schedule, or even kick it up a notch.

Hopefully you’re already doing a good three or four workouts a week. This is your base. If not, start right away. Whether you come work out with us in person at our Sacramento studio, or you do some of my at-home kettlebell workouts, or combination of both, three or four 20-45 minute workouts each week is something that should be do-able for everybody. No excuses!!

You can also add in a bit of extra cardio on top of your current training plan. This is what I will be doing. For example, if you could do three extra sessions a week and burn 500 kcals at each, that could be a great “buffer” to help mitigate some of those extra Holiday foods.

(It really depends on your goals as to the exact type of cardio that you do. I personally like a combination of low intensity training like hiking or rucking, and sprinting. Check out the plan at THIS LINK for an awesome program to help you incorporate sprints with your kettlebell workouts!)

To sum up, the main point of today’s post is really to get you thinking about your strategy for holiday fitness. If you are mindful and have a plan, you can maintain – or even make gains! – in the traditionally challenging time of year for your health. Start planning now!

Train hard, talk soon –

– Forest Vance

Master of Science, Human Movement

Kettlebell Expert

Over 40 Training Specialist

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