Why You Should Stop Doing HIIT (in large doses) If You’re Over 40

Though HIIT-style training is popular, in large doses, it’s probably NOT the best approach for those over 40.

I understand the appeal of getting your heart rate up and sweating through a full 45-minute workout. However, for most people, these types of workouts stop being effective around age 35. To reach our fat loss goals, we really need more of:

  • Intelligent strength work
  • Mobility, flexibility, and better movement
  • Cardio to train our heart, but at a reasonable and moderate intensity most of the time
  • Focused nutrition

I’ll share more insights in the weeks and months ahead, but that’s a big takeaway for now. At our new location, we’re exclusively focused on the 40+ demographic to ensure our programs meet your specific needs.

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-Forest and the FVT Team

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