the Kettlebell Arm Bar

On July 20th, I’ll be leading a Kettlebell REGENERATE class for lifters and athletes. This session is all about using kettlebells and bodyweight exercises to not only get a great full-body workout but also to help you recover faster, reduce pain, improve mobility, and feel great.

One of the first exercises I recommend for improving shoulder mobility and stability is the kettlebell arm bar. It is great for:

  • Opening up the rib cage
  • Opening up the thoracic spine
  • Loosening up the pecs
  • Loosening up the fascial line between the pecs and the opposite hip
  • Keeping your shoulders feeling great!


  1. Start Position:
    • Lie on the ground with the kettlebell at your side, at shoulder level, in what we call the “cradle” position (similar to the start of a Turkish get-up).
  2. Pull and Roll:
    • Pull the kettlebell to your body, roll to your back, and extend the working arm to lock out (ensure to pack the shoulder back and down for stability).
  3. Leg and Hip Movement:
    • Take the same leg as your working arm and drive it over the top of your body. Drive that hip towards the ground while bringing the working shoulder towards the ground.
  4. Breathing:
    • Breathe in and then exhale, driving the hip and shoulder towards the ground a little more each time. Do this three to five times progressively.

Be sure to watch the video that shows how to do this exercise too:

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, July 20th
  • Time: 8:00 – 8:45 AM
  • Location: Our new location at FVT Warrior Wellness, 208 SE 2nd Street, Lee’s Summit

We’re offering this class to both our current clients and the greater community to help spread the word about FVT Warrior Wellness.

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Kettlebell REGENERATE class for lifters and athletes

– Forest Vance – Master of Science, Human Movement – Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist – Owner, FVT Warrior Wellness

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