April 2010

Fat Loss Fundamentals

How many times have you 'discovered' a weight loss secret - the diet or meal plan that would be the one that would finally work! - only to hear some totally contradictory advice from some other 'expert' a short time later? The truth is that there's no 'magic bullet' - but there are some fundamental [...]

If you haven't tried one of our group training sessions or boot camp classes yet, here's a little preview of what you're missing:And the best news: if you sign up before the end of the month, you can help a pet in need - half of your first month's dues will go towards our Help [...]

Announcing The Help A Pet In Need Charity Drive

Warning: Today's post is a bit on the serious side. I want to share with you today a story I recently heard about a local dog (from the sspca.org website) that broke my heart:"Murphy was one of three dogs confined to a backyard by an owner who had stopped feeding them for months simply because [...]

April Challenge Workout Results

Results for April's Challenge Workout:SG - 839ES - 583SS - 557LK - 502JB - 501VC - 457EZ - 447NT - 436KG - 426NG - 426IR - 403MB - 375EM - 348PT - 275Keep training hard!!

What’s Your Snack IQ?

Here's a topic that I know is confusing to a lot of you: snacking! For example, if you're trying to lose body fat, is it good to eat 'three squares' a day and avoid snacking all together? Or should you eat every 2-3 hours during the day? You've probably heard both things - so here's [...]

April Challenge Workout

Five Exercise Circuit:Body Weight SquatsSit UpsWalking LungesPush UpsKettlebell SwingsPerform each exercise for one minute and complete as many reps as possible. Take 15 seconds of rest between exercises and one minute of rest between circuits.A single rep of each exercise counts as one point. Point totals will be posted.Notes:-Sit ups are to be performed with [...]

Moving forward, all group training/ boot camp times and locations will simply be posted on the site - if you have any questions, check here first!!You'll find this information on the 'Group Training/Boot Camp Times + Locations' page - click the link at the top of the page from anywhere on the site to access [...]