November 2010

Intro to Kettlebells and The Kettlebell Swing

Want to know more about kettlebells? Check out this video - Sr. RKC David Whitley and RKC Matt McBryde talk about the history of the kettlebell and give some basic instruction on how to do the Kettlebell Swing:And don't forget: My new Sacramento kettlebell boot camp starts next Wednesday, December 1st at 5:45 pm. If [...]

Here's next week's group training/boot camp schedule - I've bolded changes to normal training times: Monday 11/22615am, 915am - Anytime Fitness Group Training630pm - Land Park Boot CampTuesday 11/236am, 9am - Land Park Boot Camp630pm - Land Park Boot CampWednesday 11/24615am, 915am - Anytime Fitness Group Training530pm - Land Park Boot CampThursday 11/25 (Thanksgiving Day)8am [...]

Relying on the scale as your only measure of progress is a big mistakeImagine this:You just started a new personal training program. You've been following the diet your trainer has recommended, you've been working out a consistent four to five times per week and most importantly, you're starting to embrace the new fitness-conscious person you're [...]

Kettlebells are one of the best training tools around for time-saving holiday workoutsSomething I hear from clients all the time is this:'If I can't get a full (45-60 minute) workout in, it's pointless - so I just don't do anything.'But here's the thing: Something is always better than nothing. And almost everyone has an extra [...]

November Challenge Workout Results

If you missed it, here's November's Challenge Workout one more time:Note: There are two versions of this workout to choose from - Version B is simply tougher than Version A. Pick the workout that's appropriate for your current fitness level.Version A10 Squat Jumps20 Knee Push Ups30 Lunges (30 steps total, 15 each leg)40 Mountain Climbers50 [...]

This month's challenge workout was inspired by the original '300' workout, created for the cast of the movie 300 by trainer Mark TwightIt's time again for the monthly challenge workout from Forest Vance Training, Inc.!The original kettlebell and body weight 300 workout I posted a little over a year ago on my blog has [...]