November 2013

The NEW and updated-for-2014 version of the FVT 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss is now available!! Inside, you'll find: A complete program to lose as much fat as possible in 7 days – follow the blueprint, get the results  An EXTREME rapid fat loss meal plan – you’ll lose fat faster than you EVER thought possible Mindset [...]

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving and/or Chaunkkah - I hope you have a special day with your loved ones. I have a holiday workout for you today AND some meal planning tips:   You can find the workout here: => NEW 7 Day Rapid Fat Loss Blueprint PLUS 15 Minute Follow-Along Video This is perfect [...]

Our superstar client - and now FVT internet marketing specialist - Erik has put together a video for you on how to make your own protein bars! Check it out:   How to Make Your Own Protein Bars (Video Recap) My first ingredient is organic steel cut oats. We’re going to add two cups of [...]

When you are working out HARD first thing in the morning, doing so on an empty stomach can be a recipe for feeling sick.  A high intensity workout with no fuel in the tank is a bad idea. A lot of folks are at a loss though as to what to eat before an AM [...]

To get optimum results from physical training of any kind, you MUST also focus on your diet. The idea that you can "workout so that you can eat whatever you want" is 100% false. In 99% of cases ... if you are a "normal", non-competitive athlete adult that puts in less than, say, 10 hours [...]

Here's the November 2013 FVT Challenge Workout, in case you missed it: => November 2013 FVT Challenge Workout   And the results:   (Men Non-Modified) CC 13:18 RM 13:30 PK 13:37 RA 14:43 RB 15:01 JM 15:57 CB 16:15 MP 16:45 BD 16:50 BK 16:59 CB 6.25 KS 5 (Men Modified) JM 13:39 CB 15:37 [...]

Today is Veterans Day. Today we say THANK YOU to men and women of the U.S. armed forces. Thank you to those who have fought for us in the past - and to those who are still out there serving this great country. Take some time to be grateful today for your friends and family. [...]