A Day at FVT Boot Camp [video]

Some of the most common questions we get asked about our program from new/prospective clients are –

“What do you guys actually DO at a FVT boot camp workout?”
“How is a session structured?”
“What kind of exercises do you do?”


So we put together this 90 second video – “A Day at FVT Boot Camp” – that gives you a great idea of what you’d actually be doing in a typical boot camp session at the FVT studio.  Check it out:


A Day at FVT Boot Camp


Hope that video gives you a clearer picture of what an FVT workout looks like!

And don’t forget – if you’d like to try out a boot camp workout at our studio, this Saturday is a PERFECT time … because we’re hosting a charity boot camp to benefit WEAVE, and it’s open to anyone and everyone who would like to attend.

You can donate as much or as little as you like to the cause, and experience a full boot camp workout at our studio! It’s a win-win for everyone 🙂

Click the link below to get more details and reserve your spot now:

=> FVT/WEAVE Charity Boot Camp Saturday, April 19th

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