Tactical Strength Workout + New Deadlift Video

We are hosting a Tactical Strength Challenge on April 23rd at FVT.

I am excited!

The tactical strength challenge consists of:

— A maximum deadlift
— A maximum number of pull-ups
— Maximum repetitions of the kettlebell snatch in five minutes

It is an event organized by StrongFirst, and facilities host it all around the world, all in the same day.

Then, participants get ranked and scored based on how they do compared to everyone else that is competing in the challenge.

Fun times.

When it comes to training for the challenge, what we are doing is naturally a combination of barbell lifting, bodyweight training, and kettlebell exercise.

For example, the “Tactical Strength” workout I have planned for this afternoon looks like this:


Turkish get ups – start with zero resistance, work up to a 28 or 32 kg ‘bell … do four reps per side total, switching sides each rep

Deadlifts – work up to two hard sets of eight … I am doing the same cycle outlined in my Basement Badass course … three weeks of 8’s + one deload week, three weeks of 5’s + one deload week, three weeks of 3’s + deload week … then max! … I am going for 325 today for two sets of eight.

My goal is to hit a 500 pound deadlift, which would be a new PR!

Pull up ladders –  one rep (rest thirty seconds) two reps (rest fourty five seconds) three reps (rest sixty seconds) / repeat


Obviously I have other lifts and different types of training scheduled for the other days of the week too …

If YOU are looking to prep for the Tactical Strength Challenge … or, you just want the all-around strength, fat loss, and fitness benefits that training with the combination of barbells, kettlebells, and bodyweight provides … I suggest one of two things:

1 – If you want to go all in, and are prepared to make some serious progress in a short amount of time, let me help you personally – contact me HERE if you are local and are looking to train at our facility, or go HERE to to learn about my Elite Online Coaching program.

2 – Get a copy of my Basement Badass program and follow it to a ‘T’ for the next 12 weeks – you’ll learn the basic barbell and kettlebell lifts, as well as the basic bodyweight training moves, and you’ll end up strong, lean, and jacked in the process:

=> http://basementbadass.com

If you’re looking to sign up for the Tactical Strength Challenge itself – at our facility, or any host facility around the world – you can do that at the link below:

=> http://www.strongfirst.com/tactical-strength-challenge/

You will get a free T-shirt and the lowest price if you sign up by January 31st.

And as promised, here is the new video on how to do the “modified” sumo deadlift:

That’s it for today – got to go get ready for the big workout!

– Forest

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