September 2017

Please RSVP for our Oct 14th Grand Opening event using the link below: You do not HAVE to reserve a spot to attend ... BUT, if you do so, you'll ensure a space at our of our free boot camps ... and it will be of GREAT help to us as we prepare for the [...]

I am going to hook you up with another sample diet day, delivered as it would be in our custom meal planning program (details at the bottom of this message). Of course, with the full program, the meal plan is 100% customized for YOU, as well as a full 7 days of meal planning, not [...]

I want to preface what I'm going to share with you today by telling you that it is a SAMPLE, and NOT customized, like we're doing with our custom diet plan program (see bottom of this message for details). So, we get your: - age - weight - height - gender - activity level - [...]

FVT Pocket / Greenhaven Update - Grand Opening Sat Oct 14th! Mark your calendar for our official Grand Opening at the new FVT Pocket / Greenhaven location - Saturday, Saturday October 14th, 9am - 12pm. The address for the new location is 7485 Rush River Drive, Suite 705. We'll have FREE 15 minute boot camps every [...]

Imagine the kind of results could you experience if you FINALLY knew exactly what to eat, and when, to burn fat and get lean? That's how my client Robert lost 11 pounds in 28 Days. He was was training consistently, and getting stronger and more fit by the day. BUT, Robert was not getting the [...]

What would September be without a Challenge Workout?! Our FVT rockstars showed up and conquered it! Here is the workout in case you missed it: September 2017 FVT Challenge Workout — 30 second timed intervals – beat the clock style — Continue the workout until no longer possible .. the total # of rounds 100% [...]

Doing a squat without weight may seem like no big deal. But I'll tell ya - we see SO MANY people do it wrong! Here are some common mistakes made with the bodyweight squat: - Not going low enough - Stance is too wide, or too narrow - Chest falls forward during decent - Knees [...]

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