Forest On ‘KCRA Workouts A-Z’; ‘Bring A Buddy’ on March 23rd

Each Monday morning, Deirdre Fitzpatrick from KCRA Channel 3 is doing a new workout for every letter of the alphabet … ‘K’ is for kettlebell … and I was lucky enough to have her at my studio last week to shoot the segment on kettlebell training!

Check out how last week’s workout (J for the ‘Jacob’s Ladder’) went:

The segment should air early next Monday morning (the 11th of April) on KRCA channel 3 … so keep an eye out!!

Also, we’ll be holding a free ‘bring a buddy’ boot camp workout at the studio on Saturday, March 23rd … more details with exact time, etc. on that to come, but if you have a friend or family member that’s been thinking about coming in for a workout, mark it on your calendar!

I’m off – talk to you soon –


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