September 2011 Challenge Workout Results

September 2011’s challenge workout again, in case you missed it:

7 Burpees
14 Kettlebell Swings
21 Body Weight Squats

5 rounds for time

And the results:

AG 6:24
SG 6:29
AT 6:30
LE 6:50
AL 6:45
VL 7:38
JJ 7:53
AA 8:32
MP 8:55
SB 9:10
MA 9:16
SF 9:20
MW 9:34
SK: 9:50
JG 9:50
CA 9:53
EZ 9:56
AL 9:59
LA 10:30
JG 10:33
MB 10:42
PK 11:11
BA 11:30
ML 12:20
PT 12:28

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