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On Saturday, July 28th at 10:30 a.m., we’re holding charity boot camp workout to benefit the women and children who must flee to WEAVE’s Safehouse when the violence in their own home becomes overwhelming. (WEAVE is the primary provider of crisis intervention services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Sacramento County.)

The room we’ve reserved at the Sierra 2 Center in Curtis Park is capped at a 40 person capacity … and with the buzz this event is already generating in the community, we’re expecting to it fill fast! So to save your spot at the event – and to grab your FREE copy of my 5 Minute Fat Loss program (my ‘fast action’ bonus gift for the first 20 folks that sign up), click the link below now:

=== >> FVT/WEAVE Charity Boot Camp

And – to give you a more in-depth view of WEAVE – I wanted to share Tucker’s story. To forwarn you, it’s sad and a little disturbing – but especially if you’re planning on attending our charity boot camp, I think it’s important that you read it:

Did you know that more than half of school-age children staying in domestic violence shelters—like WEAVE’s Safehouse—show clinical levels of anxiety or posttraumatic stress disorder?

Without treatment, these children are at risk for suicide, school drop-out, and repeating the cycle of violence.

Tucker is eight years old. He recently arrived at the WEAVE Safehouse with his mom, Janice, after the violence at home became life-threatening. In addition to physical abuse, both Janice and Tucker were repeatedly told they were stupid and insignificant.

Sadly, Tucker believed what he was hearing. This dejected, broken little boy lost his will to live. He didn’t laugh. He had no interest in games or playmates. He told his counselor, Autumn, that he wanted to kill himself.

At WEAVE, we see far too many children displaying signs of posttraumatic stress disorder and suicidal tendencies as a result of violence in their homes.

Autumn immediately developed a therapeutic program for Tucker … and for the first time, Tucker spoke about the violence he experienced—an important breakthrough in his healing.

“Thank you for letting me talk about my mom and dad fighting,” Tucker told her and smiled—something he hadn’t done in months.

Help save the life of a boy like Tucker. Make a donation to WEAVE by signing up for next week’s charity boot camp now:

=== >> FVT/WEAVE Charity Boot Camp


Forest Vance
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