FVT Charity Boot Camp Saturday, April 19th @ 10am

Boy oh boy. The Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event is happening at the end of this month, and somehow I have agreed to participate – AGAIN!

Walk A Mile in Her Shoes is an international event in which men embrace the opportunity to raise awareness about the serious causes and effects of sexualized violence. I will be joining over 600 other Sacramento, CA business leaders, elected officials, students and more to run, walk, and/or limp a full mile in high heels shoes. All funds raised for the event go towards ensuring 24 hour services are available for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence in the Sacramento, CA area.

It will be a great experience. I am sure that (unfortunately) lots of pictures will be taken … which (also unfortunately) we’ll share with you when all is said and done.

So here is the deal. We are putting together a charity boot camp at the FVT Studio to raise $$ for the cause. You get a great workout, and in the process, with your donation, you support my walk.

This 45 minute circuit-style body weight, kettlebell, TRX, and resistance band boot camp workout is a great opportunity to:

  • Get an extra fat-burning, metabolism-boosting workout
  • Bring a friend or family member to check out what we do
  • Try out our program if you’ve been meaning to do so
  • Support Forest in the Walk-A-Mile event

=> Click here to get more details and reserve your spot


See you on Saturday the 19th!

– Forest Vance, owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

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