First Ever FVT 30 Day Nutrition Challenge! (details inside)

We are almost ready to open registration for the first EVER 30 Day FVT Nutrition Challenge.

As we put the finishing touches on the registration process, I wanted to send you the details … so that if you’re interested, you can get ready NOW, and be sure to reserve your spot as soon as we open the doors!

Check it out:

— The challenge will run Wednesday, Feb 18th to Friday, March 20th

— This is a personal challenge to help you dial in both your workouts AND your nutrition for 30 days … and in the process, get results you never thought were possible in such a short period of time!!

— Instead of this being a “most weight / body fat / inches lost” competition (OUTCOME driven), this challenge will be based on a daily points system (PROCESS driven):

You’ll get points for both working out (at FVT and/or on your own) AND for ‘eating clean’ and logging your food. Hit your target points (and your weekly check – ins), and you’ve completed the challenge!!

Registration includes:

— Before and after body fat measurements – so you can track your progress and see how much you’ve improved after just 30 days of focused training and nutrition

— Access to three special boot camp workouts where we’ll get together as a group and do a challenge-style workout … this will be a timed / scored workout, so that you can see how your fitness improves over the 30 days.

Tentative dates for these workouts are:

– Wednesday, Feb 18th
– Wednesday, March 4th
– Saturday, March 21st

— Access to a private Facebook group were you’ll 1) post a weekly check in with your total points for the week, questions, comments, etc and 2) get coaching from the FVT team to get any and all of your training / nutrition questions answered, and 3) get help with anything else that you need.

— A special edition t shirt / band / etc that you can ONLY get by completing the challenge. You’ll wear this with pride, and it will be your hard-earned prize for 30 days of mental and physical discipline!!

That about sums it up. Details are subject to change before we officially open registration.

Let me know if you’re fired up. Let me know if you’re in. And I’ll have the official registration link for you very soon!!

– Forest Vance, Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

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