FVT 30 Day Nutrition Challenge – Registration Open Now

Registration is officially open for the first EVER 30 Day FVT Nutrition Challenge.

Details and reserve your spot at the link below:

=> First EVER 30 Day FVT Nutrition Challenge


A bit more about the Challenge:

— The challenge will run Wednesday, Feb 18th to Friday, March 20th

— This is a personal challenge to help you dial in both your workouts AND your nutrition for 30 days … and in the process, get results you never thought were possible in such a short period of time!!

— Instead of this being a “most weight / body fat / inches lost” competition (OUTCOME driven), this challenge will be based on a daily points system (PROCESS driven):

You’ll get points for both working out (at FVT and/or on your own) AND for ‘eating clean’ and logging your food. Hit your target points (and your weekly check – ins), and you’ve completed the challenge!!


Your registration will include:

— Before and after body fat measurements – so you can track your progress and see how much you’ve improved after just 30 days of focused training and nutrition

— Access to three special boot camp workouts where we’ll get together as a group and do a challenge-style workout … this will be a timed / scored workout, so that you can see how your fitness improves over the 30 days.

Dates / times for these workouts are:

– Wednesday, Feb 18th @ 6pm
– Wednesday, March 4th @ 6pm
– Saturday, March 21st @ 9am

— Access to a private Facebook group were you’ll 1) post a weekly check in with your total points for the week, questions, comments, etc and 2) get coaching from the FVT team to get any and all of your training / nutrition questions answered, and 3) get help with anything else that you need.

— A special edition t shirt / band / etc that you can ONLY get by completing the challenge. You’ll wear this with pride, and it will be your hard-earned prize for 30 days of mental and physical discipline!!


Details and reserve your spot at the link below:

=> First EVER 30 Day FVT Nutrition Challenge


Woo! So pumped, can’t wait to see the amazing results folks will experience with this Challenge.

Let’s do this!

– Forest Vance, Owner, FVT Boot Camp and Personal Training

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